Our Mission

Navionics Foundation is a non profit organization created to dramatically improve the learning conditions of students in slum schools in India. UNESCO reports that 30% of children do not go to school past the 5th level. Our mission is to keep children in school by improving the school environment within the slums:

reduced teacher students ratio
clean and safe building and
tutoring for those behind grade
higher education sponsorships
access to clean water and
healthy lunch

Navionics Foundation
Navionics at work today

Before Navionics, our school in Yellamabanda consisted of two small rooms for 150 students. Those who didnít fit, sat in the dirt under a tarp. Today, our flagship school accommodates 1000 students in 4 two-story buildings with bathrooms, two kitchens an RO System for potable water and a complete library facility. This school, which once had no formal curriculum or grade structure, now has certified primary, intermediary and high school programs. Since 2004, we have adopted additional schools at Siddiquenagar, Maktha, Pappireddynagar and Gowdavally. In each we have continued our tradition of improved infrastructure and a focus on education.

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from Hyderabad, India

03 June 2013

Currently, 72 million school-age children do not attend school. Poor households must often choose between sending their childr...
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